The future belongs to those who understand it
5 Rue Curial, 75019 Paris
26 et 27 octobre

Hello Tomorrow global summit

The future belongs to those who understand it

"A unique event where the brightest entrepreneurs and change-makers meet to build our future" - Michael Bloomberg

They are changing the world and they will be in Paris for 2 days

  • Esben Ostergaard, CTO Universal Robots
  • Joseph DeSimone, CEO Carbon
  • Laura Kerber, Research Scientist Nasa Jet Propulsion Laboratory
  • Stuart Russell, Professor at UC Berkeley
  • Joy Wolfram, Principal Investigator Mayo Clinic
  • Yvonne Cagle, Astronaut Nasa
  • Geoffrey Siwo, Assistant professor University of Notre Dame
  • Dara Dotz, CEO Field Ready

Meet the newt unicors

75 deep tech start-up finalists of our global challenge.

Our previous winners already raised more than 210 millions dollars and come from the most prominent universities around the world.

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