Awareness of the intellectual property
1 bis rue de la charité 69002
Mercredi 22 novembre, 09h00
free admission

As project leaders and innovative startups, the protection of your idea maybe a major stake!

For you to be prepared in the best way possible, we invite you to come and meet up with Céline Mathevet (INPI) and Thibault Bouvier (author of the book: «The legal protection of software and databases: a simple and convenient guide addressed to all»)

On the agenda:

  • Raising awareness of the intellectual property
  • The profitability of software
  • Global presentation of the ecosystem & the different tools
  • An in-depth look at all specificities of each software/patents

November the 22nd, from 9h to 10h30 at Lyon French Tech: 1 bis rue de la Charité, BP2216, 6002 Lyon